- Memorial Day 2011 -

Growing up, we called it Decoration Day. We still decorate the graves of our loved ones on this day and also remember those who died in wartime service to our country. I thought of that when I was awakened to the sounds of a gun salute at 6 am this morning.

Just as shocking as the sound of thundering guns was the sight of a flurry of snow that covered our yard, flowers, and trees.

Scott left the house early to help the Scouts put flags in all the yards in the neighborhood.

We always visit the Logan Cemetery on Memorial Day to remember Scott's mother, father and other relatives. Scott's family enjoys being together....

they got a little goofy while taking photos - that's Mike on the headstone...

joined by Aunt Mary....

joined by niece Gracie...I think the cold weather is causing temporary insanity in all of us.

Later in the day I took the opportunity to join my mom and dad at the cemetery in Portage - the town where my mother was raised and her parents, grandparents, brother and other relatives are buried.

Evan and Jean - grinning because the rain stopped and the sun came out just in time for their walk through the cemetery.

It's always fun when someone special shows up - here's my cousin Diane fixing up flowers on her father's grave. Diane has just completed all the auditioning and training to become a member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. She and her husband Rob (also in the Choir) brought her mother.

Aunt Norma made the WHOLE dinner for us - she's a fabulous cook and organizer.

The small-town church house where we had a little family reunion with my mom's cousins...good and exemplary people, each one.