~~ruffle heaven ~~

It started with a virtual shopping trip to the Anthropologie website to search for a notebook to write some little notes and such. I wanted a pretty notebook - so I thought of Anthropologie - the purveyor of pretty things. While searching for my notebook (nothing in that department - boring, uninspiring), I got sucked in by another joy ... RUFFLES. Everywhere ruffles. I've always loved ruffles, though if I look around my house or closet I see almost none. I once bought a skirt with loads of ruffles, but it was very unflattering. Since I like and want ruffles (what is it about them that feels almost springlike?), I decided I could settle on a ruffled tablecloth or sheets. Fun, huh?


SW said...

I wholehearteldy love the ruffles! Did you buy ruffly sheets and a ruffled tablecloth?? Post what you got so we can see them :)

Becky said...

I love the word WHOLEHEARTED. I think you will be able to incorporate that into your life easily. Like ruffles, check out Jenna Ushkowitz on the REd Carpet from the GLoden Globes last night. YOu will love her blue ruffly dress.