my little word

Picking ONE word is almost impossible. I'm not sure where my word for this year came from - it just popped into my mind last week and wouldn't go away. So, I'm going to go follow my word through 2011 and see where it takes me. My word is wholehearted. And that's what I'm going to be this year - especially in three specific areas of my life.

I want to fully explore this word, and really my life right now, so I signed up for Ali Edwards online workshop on Big Picture Classes. It's called One Little Word - but it looks like one big project! Oh, I know what I have to do - embrace it wholeheartedly!


adj \ˈhōl-ˈhär-təd\
: completely and sincerely devoted, determined, or enthusiastic
: marked by complete earnest commitment : free from all reserve or hesitation

My other word choices were strive, focus, savor, and enjoy. I think they're all rather related.