my last 2010 Scrapbook Challenge!

As editor at Adornit (five years this past July), I've had the fun opportunity to write a monthly article for the Adornit blog. Actually, for the first two years I worked there, we sent out a newsletter called Notable News that I worked on with Georgana and Stephanie Austin. Then for the next two years, I wrote a blog post each month called Beginner Basics. This past year, I decided to do a Scrapbook Challenge called "10 in 2010," with the theme "Bits and Pieces of Everyday Life." For the challenge, I suggested a topic for each month and listed three requirements that had to be on the layouts. It was a lot of fun to see the layouts that different scrapbookers made using the themes and requirements.

November is the last month of our challenge - here's my page and the words to the challenge.

{ Life Is Good, Every Day }

It's time for November's Scrapbook Challenge. I can hardly believe I'm writing this, but it's true - this is our last challenge - our TENTH layout of the "10 in 2010" series. We've been celebrating EVERYDAY LIFE this year, and whether you created layouts and submitted them - or not - I hope you enjoyed thinking about the little things that make life good.

Which brings me to our theme for the month of November: Life Is Good, Every Day. As you think about what you might put on your page, please note that one of the requirements for this challenge is that you use lots of smaller-sized photos. For my layout, pictured at the end of this post, I chose to feature the faces of my family. I love the sweet little faces of my grandkids (especially on their cute school pictures for this year) and the beautiful (or handsome) faces of the rest of my family. It was fun to arrange and re-arrange the photos grid style and add in the darling Adornit embellishments.

So, for this month, I challenge you to create a layout about something that makes life good for you. Maybe it's the scenery where you live or your job or your hobby. Maybe your layout will be about books you read or foods you fix. I can't wait to see what you create!

This month's challenge requirements are:

a grid of small-sized photos

glitter and/or rhinestones

a heart

These elements are required on your layout to be entered in our prize drawing. You have until December 10, 2010 at midnight MDT to create your page and post it to Adornit's Facebook page so we can all enjoy!

Yup, that's it. The last challenge. The last time I use the cute logo (above) that Alison made for me, the last time I go through my list of ideas for challenge requirements, and the last time I create a scrapbook page for 2010.