= fall yard visitors =

We haven't seen Freddie pheasant for a couple of years - had almost forgotten about him - and then, just last week, he and his friend appeared in our back yard again.

These beautiful pheasants used to spend a lot of time around here (we always name them Freddie), and we're glad they've returned. They seem to like pecking at the fallen crab apples in our back yard. It's fun (and calming) to just sit by the window and watch them.

We also have a lot of deer here - they wander across our backyard or run through the area exploring everyone's yards. I took the photo above from my front sidewalk looking into the cul-de-sac across the street. There were two big deer and four little ones poking around the neighborhood that morning. It's a sight that never ceases to surprise me, even though we constantly see deer.
Now, here's a sad story. This happened about a month ago in our front yard. We think that something frightened this doe, and she ran full speed through our yard, leapt up over the rocks and bushes, and slammed into the metal fence that runs along our side yard. Coincidentally I let our dog out right after it happened and his immediate and loud barking made go outside to see what was wrong - and then I saw the stuck deer.

She was trying mightily to get through the fence, but it was impossible for her to go either backward or forward. I called Animal Control and the officer came (thankfully, quickly) and tried and tried but could not budge the deer.

Another friend was walking by and suggested that I call our next door neighbor to see if he would cut the fence. Luckily he was home for lunch that day. He came out with gloves - and experience. I guess this has happened before in the fence on the other side of his house. Together, he and the Animal Control officer pushed and pushed and got the poor deer's shoulders back through the metal posts. Once free, the deer took off in a panicked run through our backyard and into the field behind our house.
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