{ quintessential fall }

We've had the most amazing fall this year and since this is the month of thankfulness, I want to express my gratitude! I'm grateful for the beautiful weather we've enjoyed and for the colors that have been astounding the past few weeks. From the leaves to the landscapes to the sunsets - each day has been breathtaking.

I was working in the back yard, cleaning out the flower beds and raking leaves. Max, our little shih tzu, insisted on being right by my side (arghhh - not a dog person).

I said to Max, "This has been the quintessential fall. Every day has literally glowed with sunshine and golden maple leaves." Max doesn't know what quintessential means.


Adjective: Representing the most perfect or typically best example of a quality or class.

Speaking of colors, the cloudless sky is the bluest of blue.

Even the giant crows that hang out by the canal down the road had to stop and take it all in.

And the cows in the fields north of town.

The sunsets are incredible. We were on a bike ride last Friday night and Scott shot these photos of the sunset as it progressed from dusk to darkness. Ahhh.

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