is it still November?

It doesn't seem like November - Thanksgiving came early this year and there were more days after Thanksgiving than usual. That's good for Christmas preparations - in fact I'm decorating my house today. With a foot of new snow on the ground outside, and brown and orange decorations being replaced by red and green...it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Our trip to St. George for Thanksgiving was bookended by two snowstorms. We drove down the day after "the great blizzard of 2010" which turned out to be kind of a fizzle - we got about five inches of snow, but it was nothing like the weatherman predicted. As we drove south last Wednesday, the roads were clear and dry.

We always alternate driving in 1 1/2 hour turns - so we each drive twice on this trip. The person who drives gets to pick what's on the radio. Scott endures my mix CD's (Debbie's Oldies, Debbie's Energy, Debbie's Over and Over, Debbie's Spark), and I endure the endless episodes on his Ipod of "This American Life." Acutally I like listening to Ira Glass and the gang and have learned a lot and laughed a lot while listening. Free podcast information here.

It was uncharacteristically cold in St. George (usually the warm spot of Utah) - but there were snatches of sunshine and we enjoyed our time there with my parents and Suzie and Winston.

We drove home Saturday night - before the next big storm - and cozied up at home yesterday watching the snow fall ALL DAY LONG. Well, I cozied and Scott and Mike worked outside. Scott and the scouts left church early and shoveled and snowblowered (?) the sidewalks of ten elderly people - and after all that work, by evening you could hardly tell. Mike spent hours on our driveway - but it just kept snowing. By morning the snow had finally stopped and today's blue sky and sunshine along with the cold temperature make the sky look all glittery. It's beautiful out right now!

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