:: out walking ::

I went walking this morning and wore these shoes - shoes that I really really love. The New Balance website says they're "lifestyle" shoes - in other words, the company isn't promoting them as walking or running shoes. Well, at least for walking fast for three miles, they seemed just fine to me. (I just stuck my hands inside them and they don't have a ton of arch support, but then, you've seen all the hoopla about barefoot running - so maybe tons of support is really overrated. ? Who knows.) I do know that these shoes are SO comfortable, lightweight, and really quite cute, and I think I might order another pair because once I get a pair of shoes that feel good, I tend to not wear them because I want to save them for special occasions only, and I want to wear these shoes a lot.

I bought my shoes at Famous Footwear, and the trim is purple not blue as in the picture below, but the shoe seems to be the same otherwise. The fit is true to my usual size 8 size. The price, at $35.99, is awesome. The key is that the words on the side heel HAVE to say ACTEVA ULTRALITE. They truly are ultralite. And lovely in every way.Women's New Balance 662 - Lifestyle

New Balance 662

Women's Lifestyle

Style Number: WL662SB
Price: $35.99
reg: $59.99