{ old friends are best friends }

This photo was taken last week in Park City - I love this photo because of the colors and the memories. We had such a great day!

A week has flown by, and I have yet to post photos of our wonderful visit with our friends Shelia and Bob from Kentucky. Our story began 34 years ago in the little German village of Ebersgons. Scott was in the Army, and we lived in an apartment on the upstairs floor of a home owned by a German family, the Jungs. They lived on the main floor and on the lower floor was another apartment that Shelia and Bob lived in. Bob was a tank specialist; Scott was a Army doc, and both worked on the nearby base called Ayers Kaserne.
Shelia is a most extradordinary woman, and the warmest, friendliest person you'll ever meet. The first time I met her I said, "I'm pregnant, not fat." Yes, unfortunately, that just sounds like something stupid that I'd say. In spite of that intro, we became friends and did some things together. I can't remember ANY of it; I have the worst memory. But on this visit, Shelia filled me in on some of the things we did. We made a baby quilt for Aaron - which I still have. It's a lime green gingham check baby quilt with a picot edge. Shelia ended up making the same quilt for her baby a year later - and they named him Aaron!
Through the years we've kept in touch - with the annual Christmas card (from Shelia to me) and phone calls and a bit of email. I always love to hear from Shelia - it's really true, as she says, that time and distance fall away when we get together and it seems that we are just alike and truly enjoy being together.

Shelia visited Utah 8 1/2 years ago, and we always said, "We need to get Bob to Utah." So 10 days ago we did just that - they arrived and spent a few days with us. The one thing that Shelia said when they planned this trip was that they would love to see snow and skiing. I wondered if it would be possible in April, but our wonderful spring snowstorms made it happen. We visted Park City and The Canyons - and they got to see a real ski resort in ACTION. It was wonderful - perfect mix of sunshine and snow - and the skiers were out en masse since it was a couple of days before the ski season ended and The Canyons closed.

Bob and Shelia loved this view, and Scott stuck the cameras out the Gondola window to get the shots. I must say that it IS breathtaking to see the entire valley from the Gondola lift.

We talked non-stop for four days. Shelia is a high school math teacher - for twenty-six years! And it was fun to realize how much she loves teaching and her students. She was constantly texting them, answering questions and promising to do things like write reccommendation letters for scholarships. She connnects with former students on Facebook too. She also plays organ in her church congregation. She's a super grandma too - with three little granddaughters to keep her happy.

Bob, former Army Sargeant, is now a pediatric nurse! Many of his patients have cancer and other life-threatening diseases. He is also involved in a wonderful summer camp for children with cancer. Oh my, the experiences he has. He deals with life and death every day - and all I could keep thinking is what compassionate, caring nurse he must be.

It was magnificent to hear the organ on Temple Square in Salt Lake City. When we walked into the building, an organist was practicing - and he was playing LOUD! The hall vibrated with the beautiful music.

After the snow in Park City, it was nice to see flowers in Salt Lake. These pansies and poppies in a planter on a wall in Temple Square took my breath away!

Shelia brought me a wonderful gift - a cookbook titled "Rineyville Baptist Church...One Hundred Years of Dinner on the Grounds." You know, that's the best kind of cookbook - good ole home cooking. I can't wait to try out some of the recipes like Shelia's Make Ahead Breakfast Casserole, Multitude of Sin Salad, Ritzy Chicken, and Shelia's Potato Soup (made quickly with hash browns). And, Shelia's brownies are the best. I'm craving them and hope to post the recipe soon!