{ fave dinner plates }

I love these plates. I just love them. They're big (10 7/8") and pretty and very smooth. And the blue color is one of my favorite blues.

This is tonight's dinner - split pea soup and rolls - we had salads too, but I didn't want to hide the plate in my photo. Look at how that one roll is smiling because he likes the plate he's sitting on...ha ha.

I bought my first two plates in some big city department store about ten years ago. They are Ralph Lauren (Kate) Denimware, so they're kind of pricey - that's why I just bought two. Then, this year before Christmas, I decided to look for more to buy. Scott realized it would be a good (easy) gift so he helped me search online on ebay and other places for six more plates to complete my set. We only found two - and gladly got them.

After I took the photo tonight, I decided to look online again. This time my search took me to Replacements, Ltd. - a website with used china, crystal, silver etc. There I found eight dinner plates, two pasta bowls and two saucers. Now I'm trying to decide if I really want them. Funny how that is. If you want something and CAN'T have it, you want it more. But if it's available, then you don't want it that much.
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