- lucky today and everyday -

Happy St. Patrick's Day. I hope I have green food coloring in the cupboard, because there's nothing Scott likes more that eating a bowl of
green mush
first thing in the morning. And I always have to remind him to pinch his patients if they aren't wearing green. Yea, he's all over that one. I bet Google has done something with its title today. I like their creativity. Oh, I just Goggled to see today's "Google doodle" (that's what it's called) this year's design is a bunch of Celtic knots. No shamrocks. I liked last year's shamrocks better. They should have me on their committee.

I saw a St. Patrick's Day greeting on another blog and it inspired (lol) me. Here 'tis:

Jenny Doh Editor-in-Chief of Crescendoh and former editor of Stampington magazines says on her blog, Today's the day we wear green, change the color of petals on Web site banners, and wish each other luck. But what is luck anyway? For me, I believe in the old adage that says luck is when opportunity meets preparation. Because if an opportunity comes by and we're asleep at the wheel, it just might pass us by. On behalf of the entire CRESCENDOh team, we wish you much luck born out of preparation ... today, tomorrow, and always.

Oh crap - forget the preparation part...I just wish you much luck. Just good old luck. Not miracles or serendipity or coincidences or spiritual happenings. Just luck. Good luck. That's what we all get to hope for today. The luck of the Irish. Lucky duck. Lucky jeans. Lucky everyday

Here's a lucky quote for you:

"I never leaf through a copy of National Geographic without realizing how lucky we are to live in a society where it is traditional to wear clothes." Erma Bombeck

And finally, the luckiest for last - here's a darling printable set of tags for your last minute cupcakes or green M&M's. There are people out there that create these freebies just for fun! I especially like this designer at The TomKat Studio blog and thank her for sharing her talent. Scroll through her blog and see the wonderful designs she creates and sells. Inspiring!

Click here for her free tags - image below. When you see the box that has the SCRIBD logo at the top, click on print. (Be sure you have heavier paper in your printer.) You can also download the file. Hey, I've gotta get to work. I'm lucky to have a fun job, but I'm late!