photos from Mexico!

We're in Mexico with Scott's family - twelve of us - six brothers and sisters and their siblings, except Scott's sister Sue who having lost her husband, brought her son Cameron. We are having a blast laughing, exploring and putting up with everyone's likes and dislikes.

Day 2 at church. The ward in Playa del Carmen - 170 people in the congregation. They asked if anyone could play the piano and Melanie volunteered - one of the songs was a hymn in the Spanish hymnbook, but not in ours. Melanie did great at sightreading - in Spanish. Blogger is giving me fits in that it won't let me place my text under photos anymore - the proper way to write in my opinion - under the pics like the newspaper would. But I can't get the cursor to go under the photo lately, so I'm going to have to blahblahblah at the end. Sorry.

We took a trip to the local Walmart, yes, even here. I picked up some new sunglasses, tanning oil and a HAT!! just kidding, I did not buy that sombrero, but i loved that they had a smaller sized one for women. Actually at Walmart, they had EVERYTHING including huge crowds and lots of tourists buying food for their condos. It was amazing.

Day 3 - Took the ferry to Cozumel - an island across the channel from Playa. We rented jeeps and drove around the island. It was so picturesque and WARM. Yes, warm. Ahhh. We stopped at a small snorkeling spot and enjoyed swimming with some lovely fish. It was fun, but I hope to find a great(er) snorkeling destination on this trip.