I'm just sayin'

It's 12:30 a.m. and band practice is still going strong. I'm not complaining, just stating the facts. I think they're just getting warmed up actually. They play good music that I like listening to - most of it's original. It is also loud. It's a good thing (for them and us) that we're a bunch of night owls around here ... Scott's always up until around 1:30 and I stay up until, like, 1:00. For many years my bedtime was 11:47, but midnight is like noon anymore at this house, and going to bed THAT early was pointless. I'm lucky that I like to be up late and can find PLENTY to do - and this is not including TV because I've come to hate late night talk shows, and you can only watch the Cricut or mineral makeup infomercials so often.

So I just went downstairs and took a few photos of BUFFALO. They're good natured about my photo shoots, if a little self-conscious. In the blue shirt is Thomas Williams, who sings vocals (I love Tom's voice, btw, it's unique and cute!) In the center is Gabe Bush, an amazing songwriter, guitar player, and singer. Mike Raymond is in gray - playing guitar, banjo, harmonica, and whatever else. Mike is GOOD on that guitar, let me tell you. Mike didn't pursue music really until about two years ago, and then he really began to love it - especially guitar. He also works at KSM, the local music/guitar shop. In the back corner is Scott Bird on drums. You can see him in the top photo. Good on drums. Really. Good.

They are performing on Thursday at Why Sound - a little local venue on Church Street. It's a fun place to listen to music. I know, I need to kick this blog up a notch and post some of their live music as a You Tube video. Someday.