memories of Christmas - family

Just of a few of the 500 photos we took at Christmas. Love looking back and reliving the moments. Cute little Emmett - age 2 months - posing for a Christmas photo. Oooh this baby is just too cute ... eat him up.

Favorite shot - of mama trying to get baby to smile. Like posing a little rag doll.

Christmas Eve afternoon - when Aaron and Aimee arrived with the kids, I put them to work. I had saved this project for Bailee - putting bows on all the gifts I had wrapped. She did a just-like-the-department-store job.

Brookie got to make a Christmas tree on the Lite Brite. We found this toy in the game closet - I think it was Mike's or even Suzie's. Vintage lol.

Chistmas Eve - it's later now. We've all been to parties at other people's houses and now we're back together. Lucky us. Grandpa's helping the girls write their letters to Santa.

A Christmas Eve tradition - helping Brookie get tired. Here's Winston doing 100 jumping jacks with her. That girl's the ever ready bunny. We all got tired before she did.

Throwing out glitter-oatmeal Reindeer food for Santa's reindeer. The glitter shows them the way. The girls were a little concerned about Santa knowing they were in Logan - but he found them just fine.

Christmas morning - our traditional Rhodes Rolls Sticky Buns waiting to be baked.

Carter ate up the waffles we made. At 18 months, he was so much fun - a little Christmas elf. He just loved everything.

Christmas morning - you can see from his smile that this was one of Scott's favorite presents. Home bottled peaches from Suzie.

Christmas pj's. The girls got red fleecy pj's and the boys got black tee shirts. Mike was taking the photo. They opened them on Christmas Eve and wore them Christmas day.

My dad and Scott checking out Scott's new Kindle. Dad's really into learning about all the new technology. The Kindle kind of blows me away. It's Scott's second one - he loves it.

Little Carter just before he escaped from the boringness of posing for my camera. This kid's uusally on the run.

Suzie and Grandpa on their way to the mall to do a little shopping for Grandma.