If I were a blogger....

If I were passionate about reading blogs, stalking blogs, and bookmarking blogs (which I am); and if I were extremely interested in the world of lifestyle blogging (which I am); and if I were starstruck by certain bloggers who happen also to be very good writers (which I am); and if I wanted to blog legally and honor copyrights (which everyone should); and if I wanted to expand my readership, and make money from my blog (which I don't really care about); and if I wanted to rub shoulders with some of the biggest names in lifestyle and design blogs (which I don't, not at all) then I would go to this:


also known as Altitude Design Summit - taking place in Salt Lake City at the end of January - at the Grand America Hotel. Maybe I'll just go be a guest at the hotel that weekend and try to catch some glimpses of certain blogging stars that I visit sometimes. I know them from their blogs. I know their kids and what they eat for breakfast and where they go on vacation. (Strange world we live in.) Here are a few of the speakers at the conference with blogs that I like:

Victoria Smith, blogger at sfgirlbybay.com

Karen Walrond at

Chelsea Fuss, the author of {frolic!}

Kathryn Storke of Snippet and Ink - a wedding inspiration blog (be sure to read her "favorites" posts - they were on her blog around the end of December - amazing photos of cakes, flowers, paper, events etc.).

And my personal faves - the cool originators of the conference and successful
bloggers who are [woot woot] Utah women:

Sarah Jane Wright, artist and etsy shop owner from Sarah Jane Studios

Allison Czarnecki, the author of Petit Elefant blog and

Rachael Jones blogging at Black Eiffel