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This is called the Skil Power Cutter. Scott bought it for 50% off at Lowe's in December. He didn't really know what it was, but, hey, it was a good sale. Turns out, it's a great little gadget, and we use it all the time. Oh, btw, in the photos below, Scott is doing the demonstrating of the tool. Those are his hands, not mine. I'll never let my hands be in a close-up photo again - but that's another story.

You know how annoying it is to open one of those plastic packages of batteries - or kids' toys, or, well, about anything. Once I darn near poked my eye out trying to get a curling iron out of its packaging (in a big hurry with dull scissors, of course.) This Skil Power Cutter just buzzes right through any small job. It will cut through paper, cardboard, plastic, and more. Just get one of these in a guy's hands and you'll find out everything it will cut lol.

Have I told you about my five-year project to use up all my lotions, shampoos, conditioners etc. before I buy anything new? (I keep forgetting and buying new lotion; that's why it'll take five years.) Anyway, I finished off my tube of Bath and Body Mango Mandarin lotion - it's a favorite that I've used for years, and I hated to see it run out. I absolutely can't buy more until I use up that nasty-smelling Sun-ripened Raspberry and that awful Vaseline Intensive Care lotion from the Best Western hotel I can't remember where.

I wanted to get the last drop out of the tube of nice orange stuff (I'm being thrifty), so I had Scott (using his new tool) cut the tube open, and there I found about two generous portions of lotion left inside. Yippee for the Skil Power Cutter!

There is info about the cutter and other tools on a very interesting review-website called ToolSnob.com.
Here is what they say:

"Skil has definitely shown themselves to be interested in innovation. We loved last year's Power Wrench and we're looking forward to the benchtop tools they're releasing. In the meantime, t
hey've slipped out the Power Cutter. It's a light-duty cutter powered by an 3.6 volt internal lithium-ion battery.

The Skil Cutter isn't the most aggressive tool you'll ever hold in your hand and it's not supposed to be. It's meant for small tasks. The packaging says that it can cut selected materials up to 1/4" thick. The list includes leather, wallpaper, cardboard, and carpet.

And cut it does. We tested it out on a variety of materials. The Cutter went through paper and cardboard with no problem. Then it easily (and happily) diced up an 80 page Pottery Barn catalog. But it's not just good for stuff around the house. It worked great on plastic sheeting, vinyl siding, and Tyvek as well. As the Cutter runs, it also shapens itself, meaning it's always ready to go."