[ October in Vegas ]

October in Las Vegas is absolutely beautiful. We're here visiting our daughter Suzie and her husband Winston - and there's no question, this is THE time to come to Vegas. Perfect temperature, beautiful fall decorations in the hotels and stores, and delicious dinner choices everywhere - but that's not just an October thing, I know. We're not "gourmet foodies," so we enjoy more affordable eateries, like the fabulous, but not over-the-top Grand Luc Cafe in the new Palazzo wing of the Venetian. Oh, that WAS good.

It's always fun to be at Suzie's house. She is inspiring in her organization and lack of clutter...and her house is always decorated cute for the season.

I love how Suzie combined a berry wreath with a wood painted decoration to make an extra-cute wreath on her door.

I pulled her away from pancake cooking to get a pic of her with her pretty table runner and matching decorations.

I'm grabbing a minute of computer time to check my email and download my photos.

Meanwhile Scott and Winston are happy to surf today's many football games on TV.

Last night we had the fabulous chance to go to the Cirque de Soleil production of the Beatles LOVE at the Mirage. I can't begin to describe how wondrous it was. The theater-in-the-round with 2000 people watching from every side had incredible sets for each song - aerial swings, trampolines, skate half-pipes, flying trapezes, rolling ladders, I can't remember everything because it was just one scene after another. Also incredible were the big-screen graphics and videos, the choreography (blew Suzie away), the costumes, symbolism, movement, variety, the classic Cirque format - exquisite and eye popping, and, of course, the music. I can't even begin to describe it. We walked out of the 7 p.m. show and wanted to go right back in at 9.

There was the usual post-show frenzy in the gift shop - including a Beatles Guitar Hero all set up for anyone to join. Winston played guitar while Suzie rocked out to All You Need is Love.