** surprise party for one **

Yesterday was my birthday - and it started with a phone call from Brookelyn and Bailee. Brookie said, "I got up and said to myself, 'Today's Grammy's birthday, we have to give her a call.'" After a nice and very grown-up chat, Brookie gave the phone to Bailee - who, at age five, has the cutest little voice ever. Bailee said, "We got you a present. You're going to be so ticked off." I could hear Brookie whispering loudly to her, "no, shocked." "Oh yeah," said Bailee, "You're going to be so shocked." I had to keep from laughing out loud. I'm so glad I had my pen in hand to write that down. The day just got better as I got calls from my parents, Suzie, Merilee and others.

I just have to show you my 'surprise' from Scott. He decorated the dining room and got a cake and flowers - and some gifts from the dollar store. I had told him "no presents," because I got some nice stuff for Mother's Day - so he bought funny little gifts at Honks - and he enjoyed shopping there a lot more than wandering through Dillards.

There's a little lamb that says, "Ewe are special to me," and a ridiculous pair of chimps hugging. The pink plastic necklace says, "It's my birthday." It came in handy when we had dinner at Hamiltons - free dessert. He also got me a Shrek notebook, a trashy romance novel, some glue sticks and a pair of chip bag clips. lol

I looked out the window and saw that our good friend Dewey Forsberg had just pulled up. Bonnie had sent him to deliver some Bluebird chocolates - thanks Bonnie - I've been loving them all day!

I had to get some photos of Dewey's decked-out Jeep - adapted by his own company, Novak. I said, "Dewey, would you have dreamed 20 years ago that you would be doing what you're doing?" He laughed and said, "No way!"

We had a nice dinner to end a wonderful day. Then, Becky came to Logan today and we went to lunch at The Italian Place, fabric shopping and we all (even Grandma Jean) went to the matinee of the movie UP.