- special day -

Saturday we went to American Fork for Brookelyn's baptism. It was a wonderful day.
Here's a favorite photo of my two cute daughters - it seems to me that they were eight years old not that long ago. Becky (and Pitt) came from SLC and Suzie from Las Vegas. We missed Winston - he had to attend a family wedding.
I made Brookelyn a little 'comforter' to commemorate the day. She is a darling girl and showed proper awe at the wonder of Grammy sewing a blanket for her.

One of the most delightful things about making this quilt was discovering these darling little button pins. They are the cutest sewing notions ever. They are long and lie flat so they're easy to use and the pastel colors make you want to make a pink quilt. Oh, I did that!


Eileen said...

I attended a baptism Sat. too. My niece's son. They are one of my favorite meetings of our church!

I am in love with that blanket! Will you make me one too?

AND, you have a beautiful famil.


Mrs. Olsen said...

Debbie, thank you for the link to that funky art. I had no idea I had a vibe when I did my project, but I feel that vibe with hellmuth.

Who knew you were so creative? (probably Norma) Sewing, cooking, painting. It makes sense with your Christmas wonders I've seen you master.

Okay bye!