{ painting and quilting }

All set up to paint some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. This picture is on Day 2 of Scott's painting workshop. You can see a bunch of logs in the centerof the photo - that's a beaver dam. Below is Jim Wilcox (on Day 3) demonstrating how to paint this Wyoming scenery.

This is Jim's painting - Scott took lots of photos so he could refer to them later. Half of the painters in the class considered themselves "professionals."

I'm hanging out in the motel room making a little quilt for Brookie's eight birthday. It has been a little bit of a challenge to accomplish this, but I've really loved every step. The above picture is proof that you can use a rotary cutter on a tile floor if you forget your Olfa mat and the local quilt shop has none. I haven't made a quilt for awhile, and I'm learning to use a new sewing machine, so the process has been kinda slow. Truth be known, it's mainly because I keep Googling stuff like "how to make a quilt sandwich" or "how to baste with adhesive spray" or "how to machine quilt without using a walking foot." Then, I get distracted reading all the google results and before I know it I'm off on some quilter in Indiana's blog reading about her homeschooling her kids. So I told myself no more computer 'til I updated my blog tonight. Then I had fun focusing on the quilt. It is turning out so cute and will be soft and cuddly - just what I wanted for Brookie.
This photo is to show that you don't need to baste with needle and thread or with big safety pins anymore! Using spray adhesive is awesome - I can't even describe how easy and convenient it is. (And expensive darn it - I need to find a cheaper brand.) You just lay down your layers on the floor, spray the stuff, and smooth it together.
Here is the quilt spread out on the bed. The light pink dots toward the bottom is soft fuzzy minkee fabric. The rest of the quilt is a wonderfully soft flannel. This line of fabric had a brown flowered piece that I wish I had bought, but oh well....

Here's me still sewing. It seems like I've worked on this for three full days, but I actually did a lot in between. I walked downtown today and shopped for awhile then sat at the counter at Billy's Burgers and ate a huge hamburger - probably the first hamburger I've had in six months. Oh, it was delicious. Got acquainted with a kid who is shooting photos for the Wyoming Travel Bureau.