{ some random things I like }

This linen cabinet...from Ikea - I want to put one just like this, in black, with baskets, in our game room to hold all of Mike's music stuff. Note: I like Mike's music. Note: it only comes in yellow which probably wouldn't work with the green walls.

This kleenex box...from Puffs Plus. It is the first kleenex box that I have EVER liked. I have often wondered why there isn't one decent graphic designer at any of those tissue companies. Paper towels too. But this box, it's a winner. You have to buy a pack of three and the other two are, of course, ugly.

This notebook...that I GRABBED when I saw it, at a little gift shop in Jackson Hole. I have had a like-affair with Orla Kiely designs (link to Anthropologie) since I discovered them about a year ago. Awesome bags and housewares. Problem is, they're pricey. Now Target, being the marketing whizzes they are, recently came out with a less expensive line of Orla Keily products - but the one thing I really like at Target, a red flowered tray, is always sold out. Good stuff's always gone. Or as the Orla Keily website says, being a proper British company, "Offer available whilst stocks last."

This fabric...classic Orla.

This flower. I'm not a big fan of marigolds, but they do grow well, so it's good to plant them. When I found this version, I liked marigolds again. They are called Disco Yellow Marigold. They look a lot like daisies - which is why I like them. Gotta go - off to Vegas to hang out with Suzie. Have a good week.


Katie Gauger said...

I just happened on your blog when I was searching for Relief Society Pictures. I am the author of two Visiting Teaching blogs with a large readership . I share ideas and tips and handouts as well as create little monthly handouts or goodie things for sisters to give to those they visit teach and I do it all for free as a service. Anyway, I found your blog and I would like to share your idea for the Enrichment/humanitarian project that you did this past year. I would also like to post one of the pictures of the project and your blogspot address so that sister can come to your blog and read about this great idea and how you accomplished it. Can I have permission to do so? I will show you the post once I get permission. Thanks, Katie G. You can contact me at ktgauger@gmail.com

Mrs. Olsen said...

Are those disco marigolds available in CValley? I wouldst love to get some whilst they're still available.