{ some random things I like }

This linen cabinet...from Ikea - I want to put one just like this, in black, with baskets, in our game room to hold all of Mike's music stuff. Note: I like Mike's music. Note: it only comes in yellow which probably wouldn't work with the green walls.

This kleenex box...from Puffs Plus. It is the first kleenex box that I have EVER liked. I have often wondered why there isn't one decent graphic designer at any of those tissue companies. Paper towels too. But this box, it's a winner. You have to buy a pack of three and the other two are, of course, ugly.

This notebook...that I GRABBED when I saw it, at a little gift shop in Jackson Hole. I have had a like-affair with Orla Kiely designs (link to Anthropologie) since I discovered them about a year ago. Awesome bags and housewares. Problem is, they're pricey. Now Target, being the marketing whizzes they are, recently came out with a less expensive line of Orla Keily products - but the one thing I really like at Target, a red flowered tray, is always sold out. Good stuff's always gone. Or as the Orla Keily website says, being a proper British company, "Offer available whilst stocks last."

This fabric...classic Orla.

This flower. I'm not a big fan of marigolds, but they do grow well, so it's good to plant them. When I found this version, I liked marigolds again. They are called Disco Yellow Marigold. They look a lot like daisies - which is why I like them. Gotta go - off to Vegas to hang out with Suzie. Have a good week.