== today I am fifty-five point five ==

Today I am 55 1/2. Hey, I'm just barely OVER THE SPEED LIMIT! There must be some metaphor for my life in this. Normally I don't notice my "half-birthday," but for some reason I realized that today is a special half-birthday for me - my 55.5.

So I made two resolutions. First, I am going to start doing yoga or some kind of exercise for flexibilty. Becky and Suzie said, "Now mom, don't get discouraged, because yoga isn't very fun." They know me well. My second 55.5 resolution is to try to be more "conscious." To not always be in auto-mode or in other words "non-thinking mode." Yesterday, here in Las Vegas where we are visiting Suzie & Winston, I left a sack in a shopping cart, and then later, I left my purse in a restaurant. In both cases we had to get in the car and go back to the places and I was just lucky there were still there. Arghh. So now I am making myself stop and think before I move on. "Do I have my purse?" Do I have my cell?" "Do I have my coat or bags or whatever?" It's not funny.