wheRe's the sNow??

We are on a little trip to Park City. When we planned this trip in August, we hoped there would be snow by Dec. 1st. It was a gamble, but we had some time share points that had to be used by the end of the year. On Tuesday morning, Scott went for a walk and took a bunch of SNOWLESS photos.

On Tuesday afternoon, a little storm blew in and left a few inches of snow, enough to make us feel like we're in ski country. But not enough to cover the mountain so the resort can open. Our son-in-law, Pitt, works at The Canyons, so we're especially interested in the snowfall. The latest report is that the resort has been able to make snow since Tuesday, so The Canyons will open tomorrow. One run. Is it worth it to go skiing? I don't think so.
We're having fun anyway. Merilee and Val came up to Park City to hang out for a night and along with Becky and Pitt, we played Cranium. I thought Val and Scott would win for sure, but they got hung up on humming identifiable songs. They were good at the acting though.
Merilee and I were a formidible team - at first. Eventually she had to draw stuff on a pad, and I was completely clueless. When she acted out the Energizer Bunny I lost it, and eventually we lost the game.