hiKing around Jenny Lake

Jenny Lake Boat Dock - where we started today's hike. We rode a ferry-type boat across the lake then hiked to Hidden Waterfall and Inspiration Point. It was late in the day - too late to take the boat back. No big deal, we said, we'll just hike back. The walk was LONG...I thought it'd never end. But the beauty of the scenery, the wildflowers along the path, and the smell of pine trees made every step worth it.
The reason we went to Jackson Hole was for Scott to take an oil painting workshop. His first. He did great in his class - he really liked his instructor Bjorn. They painted one or two pictures every day so he got lots of practice and help. I loved having time to write, shop, read my back issues of Oprah, and even do a little work. We are working on an exciting project at Adornit, so I didn't mind spending time on my laptop. As soon as Scott was finished with his class we headed out to see the sights. Here we are high above Jenny Lake. Scott is sketching the Tetons, and I'm writing in my notebook-journal. I know my hair looks ridiculous...I think it was windy earlier.
Scott always has to climb to the highest point - wherever we are. This is a photo of him on the highest rock along the trail to Inspiration Point. His next goal is to climb "The Grand," the highest mountain in the Tetons. I won't be surprised when he does it.
The Teton mountains are incredibly beautiful. You never get tired of looking at them or taking pictures. I could have stayed there the whole summer.
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