charmed in Jackson HoLe

One thing that has surprised me on this trip is how charming everything is. This photo was taken at Jenny Lake Lodge. There are big pots of flowers on the porch and wild flowers growing around the parking lots and cabins. Delightful!
Yesterday I mentioned that because of my mom, I love the sight of sprinklers. Well, because of my dad, I love the sight of cattle in a field. And when I saw this view, I thought of Evan. He has tried to teach me about different types of cows and how to identify them - like herefords or heifers or whatever, but I never get it. And don't even get me started on cows vs bulls etc etc. So, now look at the photo. This field had more cattle that I've ever seen in one place. What you see doesn't do the scene justice. And when Scott got out of the car to take the picture, they all turned their cute white faces and looked at him.
These are big, huge piles of hay. We have named them hay cabins in hay villages. I want to know how the farmer moves them and uses them - they are truly as big as small cabins. Used to be, you'd see fields with bales of hay, then big round rolls of hay became the style, and now hay cabins. I need to find a farmer to ask about them. Be sure to notice the silhouette of the Tetons in the background. Incredible. Scott wants to climb them - and he probably will.
Scott always has his sketch book handy. It's full of wonderful pencil sketches from places we've been. We took a hike around Jenny Lake and he couldn't resist this scene. In this photo he's just getting started and is setting up what he's going to draw. Did I say that he's really good at drawing. And he loves it. He even had a family from New Jersey stop and watch him draw. He said he heard some voices and looked around and there were four people sitting on one of those rocks behind him just quietly watching.