~ happy birthday dear Suzie ~

Happy Birthday to my sweet daughter Suzanne - a bit belated - but she got her packages and cards on time (whew) so it's all good. Suzie is an amazing young woman and very special to me and her dad. We want to tell her we love her and wish her all the best!
Suzie and hubby Winston - a couple weeks ago in Yellowstone.

Love, love this photo. It just makes me smile!
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Courtney and Dorothy said...

Suzie is such a cute and sweet girl. I still thank her for helping me learn how to do the Photo online scrapbook. It was fun to read your blog and hear from you. I have always admired you and think so much of you. You are an amazing lady. It is fun to know and get an update on what you are doing. It is hard leaving B. Road and all the neat people who live here, after being here so long. We will have to stay connected through our blogs. We will miss you and your family and especially Max. He is such a cute little dog. We will have to come visit him. Put a picture of him on your blog when you can.