IsLaNd paRk with the whole fAmiLy

I had to do one last post of Island Park - acutally I probably won't be able to resist posting the photos of our day in Yellowstone, so maybe this isn't the last post! The Grewe's (Pitt's parents) were gracious to invite us to stay in their cabin on Henry's Lake. We had a fun three days with perfect weather and wonderful little grandchildren (and big children).
This was the most delightful scene one morning. Brookelyn had chosen a set of 'young artist' colored pencils and sketch pad as her souvenir from West Yellowstone. She asked Grandpa Scott to help her sketch a picture, so they made a date for the next morning. They got all set up and Scott taught her to how to plan her sketch. She is an artist too and she loved sketching with Grandpa.
Here is Brookie's picture. Notice the pride and delight on her cute, mosquito-bitten face.
This is the scene they sketched. Scott's picture turned out nice to, by the way lol.
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