- I shot those deer -

As I walked through my house (just a few minutes ago), something in the back yard caught my eye outside my large entry hall windows.
Above is the view looking out the window with the reflection of the afternoon sun. Wow, two deer munching on the little apples beneath the crab apple tree. Darn it, I'm tired of those deer. It's late summer! Why are they still in the neighborhood? Aren't they supposed to be in the mountains right now? Waiting for the deer hunt?
In spite of not liking the deer, I have to admit they're interesting to look at and quite camera worthy. I grabbed my camera and quickly and quietly slipped out onto our deck and saw not two, but three. Snapped a few pictures, knowing they'd likely bolt when they saw me.
But no, they just stood and stared at me, then looked down at the fourth member of their family on the grassy area below them. They ignored me while they waited for the little guy to join them. I had plenty of time to determine that it was a mama and a papa and two little fawns.
It's amazing how the deer can jump up and over the stone retaining wall with no effort. And it's not a running jump...more like a standing broad/high jump. The little fawn did just that. I shot a bunch of pictures as they munched away.
By now, I was wanting to get them out of my yard. I am so sick of deer poop. (That's my excuse for not doing yard work.) I banged on the deck post and yelled for them to go. They ambled off, but then stopped and posed for me as if hoping for really good photos in their family photo shoot. "Cheese."