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Wow...where did the week go? I meant for that last post to be at the top of my blog for only a day because it's kind of dumb, and it seems it has been just a day since I wrote it, but the date says May 6.

And now it's May 13. Mother's Day has come and gone (it was good), and in three days it will be Brookie's birthday. I don't even want to write that she's turning 12. Seriously, where did the years go?? Brookelyn is our oldest grandchild, and it just can't be true that we will have one in Young Women's and Jr. High and all the other 12-and-up things. Brookie and I were chatting yesterday about the day of her birth and how amazing it was for me as a first-time grandma to hear her first cries and see her beautiful little face. And how, instead of waiting at the hospital through her mom's long labor, I spent the time shopping at a nearby mall...until Aaron called and said, "Come quick!" and I left my purchase on the counter and ran to my car. Some of that shopping expertise must have rubbed off on Brookie literally from Day 1, because she's a good shopper. Good taste, good endurance, good at digging through the sale racks, and good at sniffing out the classy and leaving behind the trashy. We both struggled in the 'tween store Justice the past few years as we shopped for birthday gifts, because we got tired of the peace symbol on every item of clothing. You can only take so much peace.

At work, I've been pretty busy helping Kim at Kimberbell Designs get ready for spring Quilt Market this week in Portland. She is going to have a wonderful booth with lots of new and adorable quilt patterns. The finished quilts are amazing - it has been so much fun to arrive at work and see her latest creations.

As I write the instructions for her patterns, I plan in my mind to sew each one. With the quilt shop downstairs, it's easy to drop in and buy the fabric I'll need. Maybe all that sewing will happen this summer. Above is one of her new table topper patterns. The collection of patterns is called Kimberbell Cuties - because they're little and quick and cute.  See what I mean by wanting to sew? (Kim and I see eye to eye on pinwheels...love them and must have them on almost every quilt.)