{ special gift }

On Memorial Day, we had a little brunch at our house. We invited Scott's family to come for crepes after we all visited the Logan cemetery. It was fun to get together, though we missed several brothers and sisters. Breakfast was delicious with ham, fruit, scrambled eggs, and crepes filled with cream cheese filling and topped with hot fudge sauce, strawberries and cream. When Scott's sister, Jill, came into my kitchen, she handed me this darling little box with a note attached. I knew it was something special since it was from Jill. The anticipation was as fun as opening the gift!

Sure enough, it was special. But Jill exceeded her usual wonderfulness this time! She had sewn a beautiful linen pincushion embellished with handmade flowers. It is exquisite. Jill just "whipped it up" which always impresses me. The little tag she made is also adorable. 

Jill does things with a flair. That's Jill with Suzie. (Notice her gray lace sweater and white linen pants - see what I mean?) I call it understated elegance. Her style isn't cutesy. It's very fresh and current and classy with kind of an Anthropologie feel. And a little mix of Martha Stewart and Mary Engelbreit thrown in. She also makes amazing baby things that are machine embroidered or hand stitched for her little grandbaby, Lucy. Thanks, Jill!