= pink & green =

I love wandering around our yard when spring comes and the colors are fresh and pretty.

Our huge crabapple tree fills the backyard with fragrance when it bursts into blossom. Too bad the dark pink only lasts for a week.

This little tree on the north side of our house has pretty light pink flowers.

I LOVE these colors - the spring green and bright pink are my favorites all year. They're bright and filled with hope for warmer temps and lovely outside days.

I was standing in the field behind my house taking my pictures for my Facebook profile, when the neighbor's cat came from behind and rubbed up against my leg. It startled me, then I was scared and quickly climbed on the fence.

 I'm scared of cats, and this one is especially 'pushy.' He hangs out in our yard and has bitten Sierra and my neighbor across the street. This cat has this look that makes me want to run in the house and close the door.

Guess I better stay on my side of the fence from now on!
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