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There's an awesome cooking blog out there in blogland called High Heels and Grills. This blog is created by my nephew and niece Zach and Sarah Averett.

Aren't they cute?

They do a great job with their blog, and the unique thing about it (their good angle) is that they both contribute content and recipes. Check it out by going to the blog and clicking the recipe tab at the top to see all their yummy recipes. Scroll down for a ways and you see Zach's posts which he titles "Man Monday." Right now, there's a great post that Zach wrote about my sister and her famous "Chicken Pillows."

High Heels and Grills

Zach and Sarah are in the Air Force and living in Wyoming right now. Sarah is a pharmacy tech, a cooker/crafter, and a very good writer. She's also a distant cousin of our family on my mom's side! I love her food photography on her blog and her graphics like the writing on the photos. Oh, and the most important fact about Sarah is that she's expecting their first baby! Zach is sincere, kind, and interesting. One thing that's great about Zach is that he's very funny with an intelligent sense of humor that includes a bit of sarcasm. It's a dry wit just like his dad, Val, who I love because he's my sister's husband and he's the best!  Zach was extra sweet to my sister when she married Val, and they blended a family of Mer's three sons and Val's four sons and one wonderful daughter. Imagine! And in the years since, all seven sons have gotten married (only one was married when Mer met Val) and now Mer has for daughters-in-laws: "seven brides for seven brothers." I remember when Zach lived here with us for a few months when he was between apartments at USU, and it was at a time in my life when I was really busy and hardly ever fixed dinner. Now, when I see his recipes and food knowledge on the blog, I wonder why I didn't just assign him to be in charge of dinner. Of course, he was also busy because he's an excellent student and had to keep up that 4.0 GPA. I remember when he had refractive eye surgery that was very delicate and how hopeful we all were that it would turn out great - which it did. I also remember when he met Sarah. And how he was smiling all the time, and then when it worked out and they got engaged, and I was so happy for them. I remember their wedding very well on December 26 or 27. It was my first time to drive to Ephraim/Manti, and I did it alone at night without a GPS and...well, I'll tell that whole story on another blog post. I have to add that their wedding sets the record for being the COLDEST ever for outdoor photos with the wedding group. (And then they had a lovely, wonderful dinner in a warm place with tributes from many people who love them.) Yes, those two are the dang cutest couple and are living the military life with a good attitude and a zest for adventure. That was a rambly paragraph.