( for the birds! )


When Emmett came to visit, he and Scott went shopping for a bird feeder...one of Scott's favorite things to do each year. They found the perfect feeder and hung it in the tree that's right in front of the kitchen window. Emmett sure wanted to climb that ladder.

Every day Scott checked the bird feeder. No birds. He called me at lunchtime, "Have the birds found the feeder?" Nope. He'd hurry home after work to see if any seeds were gone. Nope. The birds didn't seem to care about those yummy seeds. They hung out on the tree branches, on the grass, and on the sidewalk nearby. But the birds just said nope to the bird feeder.


And then one happy morning I looked out and there were birds perched on the feeder! Scott couldn't wait to get his camera and telephoto lens. He's filled the feeder three times already. He tells me what kinds of birds are out there. We can't wait for Emmett to visit and watch the bird buffet!
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