{ road trip }

Scott and I just returned from a little road trip to Las Vegas and St. George to visit our daughter (with her husband and baby daughter) and my parents. It's great that they live on the same route, so to speak. We drove straight to Las Vegas, stayed two days, then drove to St. George for two more days, then home. Smooth sailing.

EXCEPT...on the way home it was nearly painful to watch the outside temperature drop every hour. We left
St. George today in sunshine and 60 degrees, and as we traveled north we four ourselves gritting our teeth as we encountered continuously worsening drizzle, fog, and snow. The thermometer said 18 as we rolled into our home town. Brrrr.

The Great CoursesThis American Life
We used to dread long drives until we decided to alternate driving every 1 1/2 hours. Scott makes us stick to the schedule and it really works for us. We also allow the driver to choose the music. Scott listens to words not music...either from a company called The Great Courses or podcasts from This American Life. Both are very entertaining and make the miles fly by.

Cath Kidston
 I already have an address book from this wonderful UK designer, but I'm very tempted to order this bag,

Provence Rose Hardback Notebook
...or this notebook,

Scrap Book
...or this scrapbook,

Daisy Rose Check Flour Shaker
...or this flour shaker,

Spot Washed Messenger Bag
...or this travel bag. 

Everything is so charming at Cath Kidston, and the flower patterns remind me of the two years we lived in Germany so many years ago.