< worKout with Scott >

This is Scott. He works out. He's heading into the Sports Academy for his twice-weekly torture session. 

This is Scott's trainer, Greg. He's merciless. 

This is a screen shot of the workout he would be doing on the day he took these photos. It's hard. 

He's running sideways on the treadmill just to get warmed up.

Staying on the treadmill he has to do dips. Lots of dips.

Here he's sprinting down the hallway in intervals with lifting the dumbbell. 

Over and over he does this...ten on each side, then sprint, then ten on each side, sprint..... 

Kettle bell swings up to eye level.

Followed by fast lunges.

Then on to the cable machine for lots of lifting. 

And some sit-ups...just for a bit of rest time. 

Love that medicine ball. Lifting it....

And carrying it - all over the gym. Up the stairs...

and down the hallways. 

That thing is heavy. And Scott was pushing himself hard, because Greg requires that he finish all of the above in less than thirty minutes. 

As if an hour with Greg isn't enough, Scott follows his workout with forty minutes on the bike. He passes the time by reading his medical journals. 

Scott started these workouts when he turned 50. He determined that he was getting flabby and losing muscle. Since then he has always had a trainer. Best money we've ever spent. Working with a trainer gets him to the gym, he says, and if he didn't have someone waiting for him, he'd find every excuse not to go. Like me. He actually looks forward to this hard work. He has stiff muscles a lot of the time because of the workout, but he always says that the hurt "is a good hurt." 
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