{ pre-ThanKsgiVing }

Today I finished the shopping and put clean sheets on the beds. The kids are coming "over the river and through the woods" to grandmother's (and grandfather's house), and we can't wait. I've been on the lookout for some cute Thanksgiving printables for place cards, coloring pages etc. Brookie is my place card expert and Bailee will color anything I place in front of her. If I can think up a project and get them started, those two girls will jump in and finish it. Nowadays, they just come up with their own projects too...being Google experts and all. Case in point...the shower game that Brookelyn put together for Sierra's recent bridal shower. Adorable.

I like to check the Martha Stewart website for ideas that are a little more special. I've always liked the wedding specialist Darcy Miller's ideas on Martha Stewart. She's has kids of her own and her art style is kind of doodly and cute.

 Sure enough, she has a complete Thanksgiving section on Martha Stewart this year. Click here for the link. I just look through the images (it's a slideshow) and color print each printable template that is included. Then once I decide what I'm going to use, I can reprint as many copies as I need on my color copier.

 The thankful tree, above, is a centerpiece/activity. Make leaves and have everyone write the 
.things they're thankful for.
I love Darcy's menu cards and placemats. The menu sheets could be used for other writing activities.