little doll

I just spent the last two hours looking at and editing photos of two little baby granddaughters. Today is a special day for one of them. To solve my dilemma of having too many photos for my blog posts about these babies, I decided to collage them. I love the way they turned out.

I was remembering the old days when we took a "roll of film" and had 24 or 36 photos per roll. We took the film to the photo store to be developed and waited for a week or more for it to come back. Of the 24 photos and it was just luck if a few turned out good. No chance of cropping or photo-shopping back then. As I sort through my 2400 Christmas pictures from five different cameras, I realize that the simple days are just plain over.

This cutie is four months old today! Here are a few photos from her first week and then on through Christmas and into the new year.

Suzie and Winston are so tickled with their little daughter, their little miracle baby. They relish every minute and every single thing about having a baby and appreciate the joy she is in their lives. Grammy and Grampa too.

She's a little doll. And, she's a good baby, something we don't take for granted in our family. She's good natured and easy going, but she also gets excited over little things like her little toys, is super smiley, and likes to play. A good mix of her mommy and daddy.

Love this baby!