~ ice skating ~

Brookelyn had a wish list for our family Christmas events this year, and top on the list was ice skating.

We've gone skating before on the day after Christmas, so we decided to do it again...right after our crazy family photo shoot with no photographer.

Speaking of crazy...

Scott and Bailee kept each other upright.

Brookelyn is getting more confident on the ice.

Enough that she has to help Grandpa sometimes.

Aaron was there too - teaching Carter how to skate.

As a bonus, we got to meet up with my Aunt Norma and her daughter (my cousin Jami) and son-in-law (David) and granddaughter (Liz) from California. That was extra special.

So glad Suzie could leave baby Lizzie and join Mike and Bailee on the ice.

My graceful family.

Scott and 3 1/2 -year-old Carter.

One of my favorite photos from Christmas...sisters helping sisters.

This one too!

Carter and baby Claire

She was so cute all bundled up.

Mike skating circles around Grammy.

Home for more photos.

Cute mom Aimee with their two youngest.
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