can you believe this?

The ONE THING that Pitt and Becky really wanted to do over their Christmas break was take little Emmett skiing for his first time. Emmett is two years and two months old - plus a few days. Pitt is a super-skier and Becky holds her own with him, so it's a natural that they want to get their kid on skis!

Beaver Mountain, where we all grew up skiing, (that's me in front of the lodge) HAD to be the place for the big event. But the reports of no snow and bad snow meant no skiing and kept them at one or the other parents' house all week.

Finally Saturday morning, New Year's Eve day, they got the news that it had snowed a few inches at Beaver. Perfect! They were pumped. Emmett didn't even know what was going on.

They invited us to go along. Wait a minute...I haven't skied for a couple of years and thought I was DONE WITH THAT, lol, Scott convinced me that he isn't done with skiing and where did I get the idea that I was...and we had to go.

I mean, it's Emmett's first time on skis - we couldn't miss it!

So we gathered our gear and made the forty minute trip to Beaver. It was clear and dry in Logan, and I wondered about the "snow," but as we got into the mountains the roads got slushy and snowy and soon flakes started to cover our car. That was a good sign. At Beaver, it was snowing a good storm.

Emmett was willing and so cute. They shoved his little feet into the ski boots and strapped those skis on and he just went along with it. I thought he'd fight the sunglasses and hat, but he kept them on the whole time. Pitt was AWESOME. He put little Emmett between his legs and held him all the way down the hill. Emmett felt the thrill of skiing, but didn't have to do the skiing. He laughed and smiled and so did everyone else - even the strangers that were watching.

We got to use the NEW Little Beaver lift. It's a nice fast lift; each chair seats three, with good cushions and safety bars. We shared a Little Beaver punch pass which saved cash for the kind of day we had.

It was most fun at the end of each run. At the bottom of the hill, Pitt would let go and let Emmett slowly glide to a stop...just to see how it felt. Emmett stayed upright and looked so dang cute "skiing."

On our third run, Emmett's cousin (Logan) and uncle (Pitt's brother-in-law Eric) joined the party. Little Logan is only four, and skis better than most kids twice his age. I couldn't believe how he led the group down the hill at a pretty good pace.

It was kind of funny watching Becky and Pitt snowplow all day on the bunny hill and both so excited about it.

Becky was so tickled to get videos. She was in front of or behind or to the side of the skiers most of the time with the video camera.

Imagine Pitt's muscle burn after four runs like this! Pitt was smart enouth to quit on a "high note" after FOUR runs. He had hoped for and planned for two good runs, but Emmett was still having fun so we went for four.

Last but not least, lunch in the lodge. Emmett earned it. We all rewarded ourselves with a Beaver Mountains lunch tradition: tater tots.