{ afternoon walk }

A gorgeous Saturday afternoon and I couldn't resist loading myself up with camera, iPod and headphones, sunglasses, watch (it took me about a half hour to round all this up then find the right shoes, socks, pants for the temperature, etc.). It's hard work to be a walker.

It was worth it to walk and shoot the colorful scenery. (When you're a photographer, you don't take pictures, you shoot. I always grimace when photo/bloggers talk about shooting their kids...but that's the lingo.)

The trees haven't changed color yet in our valley, except for a select few and they stand out like ______ (good simile* needed here).

A simile is a figure of speech that directly compares two different things, usually by employing the words "like", "as", or "than".

This doesn't look like much, but this hill kicks my bu... ooops, I mean, as my nephew Derek would say, kicks my trash every time.

These flowers are at the end of their summer glory, but still look beautiful to me.

I wish I could take you all to see this huge purple flower mound. It was covered, I mean covered, with bees and butterflies. I can't wait until Scott gets home from golfing because we're making a beeline :) to see this wonder of nature. Look closely and you can see a couple of butterflies.

And when I got back to my house, I walked around the yard to shoot a few photos of the beauty here. It's sadly lacking this year. The photo above, honest to goodness, is our tomato plant and our one tomato. We've been watching it grow all summer.
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