grammy camp 2011

Three activity-filled days with our three "older" grandchildren. We unloaded the suitcases, dragged the mini card table upstairs to the kitchen, and the fun started. Brookie quickly and effiiciently Googled a recipe for homemade play dough. We made it right up, and it turned out really nice - soft and fun to play with. Perfect if you're pretending to be a pizza chef.

The kids couldn't wait for the trip to the farm with great-grandpa Evan - picking peas in Matt and Michelle's garden, gathering eggs, driving the truck, and climbing on hay bales.

These are Grandpa's and Matt's new calves. I've heard about these calves for a month and was expecting small calves like you see in fields in the spring - not these little giants. They scared me and Carter too. Interestingly, Dad says that the three of them seem to always stick together. I have to add that the barn in the background is a famous landmark in our valley.

Our pre-Grammy camp plans included a puppet show, and sure enough we had one. Brookelyn and Bailee spent half a day working on the elaborately colored popsicle-stick puppets, original script, posters, and puppet theater. For the performance, the girls crouched behind the couch and perfectly read their parts and worked their puppets. So dang cute.

We went to local community celebration and the kids got to climb on a climbing wall and play in the blow-up jumping toys. I tried to not worry about the millions of germs I could see crawling all over those giant toys.

At the park there was wonderful music filling the air and making people on blankets and lawn chairs tap their feet and hum. Oh, it was Mike and his band performing for the city's Founder's Day celebration! They sounded awesome - we got to sit and watch them play a few songs.

We went to Bear Lake for an afternoon. There was no sandy beach close by, so we played on the swings and chased geese in the rushes near the shore.

These kids are bright spots in our lives - along with their cousin Emmett who was spending the weekend with his other grandparents. Next year we'll have Emmett and Brookie, Bailee, and Carter's new baby sister who was born this week! Oh yes, and Aunt Suzie's new baby too! Wow. We may have to review the age-requirement for Grammy Camp.