[ a midsummer eve ]

It was one of those perfect summer evenings...

and it seemed that half of Cache Valley was on the streets of downtown Logan.

Some were there for the annual sidewalk sale, some for the Gallery Walk, and some just to be outside in a happy crowd.

Scott and I went to see the exhibit by artist Michael Bingham. Scott and I both seem to prefer realistic landscapes over abstract art - though the modern stuff is fun to look at.

Scott and Michael showing two of our favorite paintings in the show. I know this photo is awful, but I was trying to be quick because the artist had some people waiting to talk with him. We bid on these paintings and will see if we won them.

He paints in both oils and watercolors and also makes collage art and "recycled" sculptures.

After seeing that exhibit, we went to the Thatcher mansion to see a showing of miniature paintings by the Utah Watercolor Society.

There was also a display of beautiful nature-themed ceramics - plates, bowls, and vases which could be seen through the front window.

I loved the old-fashioned garden in the front yard with amazing mounds of lavender.