* JuLy four decor *

I'm ready to put the star decor away. Just a little too much stuff to look at and dust for me. And so many people have been disappointed after trying to eat my fake (Mary Englebreit) cherries...I just can't keep putting them through that.

I took a hint from our Cut the Crazy Out of Chistmas advice (see blog post from our Cut the Crazy blog here) and took photos of all my 4th of July decor.

I'll print the photos and put them in my "Independence Day Decorations" box, so next year when I have one hour to decorate the house, I'll just look at my photos and plop the stuff down where it goes without having to think or make any decisions.

Hmmmm...looking at these pictures is making me change my mind.

Maybe I'll just keep the stuff out through July. I can't part with my cute Williraye figurines quite yet.

This is my dining room table with the navy and gold silk tablerunner that Gary and Lesa gave me from Japan.

This is the window sill above my kitchen sink with a view out to the front yard's beautiful trees. I love that Bath and Body Blueberry Pancake soap. Sometimes I squirt it in my sink and rub it around and leave it just so the kitchen will smell yummy.