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You are so lucky - I wandered around during and after Thanksgiving dinner and took photos of Corey and Mary's house. We had a wonderful dinner at Mary's house - everything was yummy from Bergen's salad to Corey's smoked turkey to my mini pumpkin cheescakes. Mary (above) is Scott's sister. She is a talented decorator. Mary has style - you'll see from the pics. I only wish I had taken MORE. This is just a taste! She has a wall of quilts that are unbelievable - hopefully I can photograph the quilts someday. Also, in this photo you can see the artwork of their son Scott. He's a talented, prize-winning artist.

Mary loves clocks - there's another big clock above these clocks and more clocks elsewhere in her house.
Mary loves beautiful dishes. And charming serving pieces and fabulous silverware. Above is a little silver butter dish with a domed lid. The jam is in Mary's Spode china that her mother bought when their family lived in England when Mary was a teenager.

Mary loves fabric. Notice this tablecloth on the dining room table. It's made from gorgeous fabric with a wide band of black fabric around the edges. Of course, Mary made it. She's a seamstress - she sews fantastic costumes for local musical productions - I mean, you wouldn't believe what she can put together to make her costumes look true to the time period of the play and make them look extra wonderful too. Mary doesn't make dumpy costumes. Her costumes are made with great trims and extra details. If I were in a play, I'd finagle it so Mary made my costume! Oh - Mary acts and sings in the plays too. She's great onstage - and she always has the best costume!

She is brimming with creativity. The centerpiece was BIG and beautiful. Notice the twisty white candles on the very tall candlesticks. Mary can put things together and make them look so good!

Everywhere you look Mary has made interesting arrangements. And then if you look closer you'll see that she has hand-stitched something in the arrangement. She made the cross-stitch sampler on the wall and the lampshade on the lamp. Her house is filled with fabulous quilts that she has made and quilted herself. She makes pillows and drapes and well, you name it. While we were visiting after dinner, Mary was knitting a pair of gloves for her daughter. And just a few days before another sister Pat showed me the bag that Mary had made her for her birthday.

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