Wisdom for Women

I want to share this entry from Heidi Swapp's blog because it's thought provoking and filled with suggestions that we as women need to hear. I especially like the quote at the end about how we should treat ourselves: "She was kind, loving and patient...with herself."

Heidi is writing about being a mom: "My point in all of this…is that a happy woman is a better mother. A better wife. A better friend. And as a woman…the time and effort you invest in your own happiness - remembering to love yourself, and be careful with yourself - benefits all those around you. I am not always happy. I am critical and judgmental of myself. I have high expectations of myself, and don’t cut myself a lot of slack. I am my own worst enemy…I don’t dwell on my strengths, or focus on my accomplishments, but instead tend to beat myself up about where I fell short. You know that I love that ‘SHE’ book by Kobi Yamada… and I read it all the time because of the strength I find there, and the way it helps me imagine the kind of woman I am striving to become. Anyway, I picked it up again today when I was cleaning up around my studio, and the quote that stood out to me today was: “She was kind, loving and patient…with herself.” (In the book, the word “patient” is written larger than everything else) I share all this because I believe that we are much more similar than we are different. And just to remind myself, that happiness is powerful. Effective. Contagious. And it’s a choice."

This blog post is buried in her blog - Oct 2006. If you want to be entertained sometime visit Heidi's blog. She's a scrapbook product designer, teacher and blogger. Recently her family moved from Arizona to China for her husband's job.