the four-year-old cousins' surprise

Suzie and Lizzie came to visit after Thanksgiving. We were all excited that cousin Claire could join the fun for a couple of days. They're both darling four year olds - born seven weeks apart. They play well together and look darling when Suzie fixes their hair in twin styles.

One morning I had to run errands and do some shopping. While I was gone, the girls (and that includes Suzie) had the grand idea to decorate our Christmas tree for us. They emptied my boxes of ornaments and garland and bows. The best part of decorating the tree is climbing the ladder. They got to do that with Grandpa supervising. And sometimes when he wasn't looking.

When I came home and walked into the family room, I was so surprised. Yes, really shocked...and delighted. What a fun service project for them. What a gift to me! 

The tree's decorations were a little bottom heavy -but not too bad. I have only moved a few ornaments because I love it just as my four-year-old granddaughters decorated it.