Christmas present

Christmas is in full swing around here. We had a wonderful couple of days with grandkids visiting and a house full of activity. Today, it has been quiet - not especially a good thing, but nice in a way because I've been longing for moments to read and write - which I did this afternoon and relished. Then I realized that we needed to deliver the breads we bought yesterday for our neighbors. I quickly jumped into action, made some tags and attached them, and we hopped in the car and got the job done. I have this dislike of going to people's doors after dark, so I was really motivated to not fuss about my labels, but just get them on and the bread delivered. I also went and visited with my mom for a couple of hours at her assisted living apartment (rather than bringing her to my house for Sunday dinner). We had a nice visit and watched a Christmas show on TV. Later, Scott and I had leftovers; the quick clean up was nice. This coming week is filled with fun things to do and necessary organization for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and beyond. The joy is with me and also the stress. That's Christmas - past, present and future.