- chronicle books -

One of my favorite book websites to browse is Chronicle Books. It's fun to wander through this amazing digital bookstore's virtual aisles and look, look, look.

Their covers are exceptional (as in the book shown below of Shakespeare's love sonnets). They have extras on the website such as discussion guides for kids. Click here for an example of an excellent readers' guide to discuss a darling book called Little Red Writing. The discussion guide is conveniently aligned to Common Core so teachers and parents save time and someone amazing has done all the work for them. Seriously, this is so good.

Chronicle has gorgeous journals and notebooks...that's what first drew me to the website. I have to tell myself, "No more journals." And no more notebooks or Moleskine blank books. OK, maybe a few e-books because Chronicle has them too. They take no shelf space, do not gather dust, and are perfect for a quilt or craft book collection.

If you look at the tabs across the Chronicle homepage, you'll see a tab that is labeled personalized. It was there that I discovered the CUTEST books for kids that can be personalized with names and photos. The reviews on the website are very positive with five stars and lots of enthusiasm. I'd love to create some of these book for my seven grandchildren for Christmas 2013.