Halloween 2013

 We celebrated Halloween with a fun witch party and lots of trick or treaters. 

It started earlier in the week with the annual Sew & Sews Witch party. I was on the committee with Lesa, Shari and Kristan. Lesa created a darling table setting with wonderful centerpieces, orange soda place settings and "bugs & hugs in a tube" favors. 

We wore our "costumes" to exercise on Halloween morning because we knew Greg would be doing his legendary Halloween workout and we wanted to be dressed up. We did a lot of reps lifting these medicine ball pumpkins. 
Our first trick or treater was little Emmett in his SWAT team costume.
 And then new baby in her kitty suit. She just sleeps through all the excitement.
  Here's Becky and kids with their Grewe cousins.