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Worldwide Quilting Day - March 16, 2013
To celebrate "Worldwide Quilting Day," I did something I was planning to do anyway: work on a couple of projects while tending our little grandson. Since tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day...it's about time! Actually, the wall hanging below has been finished for a while, except for the outer borders. I'm being Miss Perfectionist/Obsessive/Compulsive about the borders because I know exactly the fabric I want to use, and I can't find it anymore of it anywhere. So I'm just stubbornly waiting until it turns up.

There are cute embellishments for this quilt - little flowers and four-leaf clovers and they'll be added after it's quilted. It's a fun-to-make project by Kimberell Designs.
This is my favorite block in the quilt - a double pinwheel or whirlwind block. Kim put touches of black in the quilt pattern which I really like. And dots, yes, I do like my polka dots!
This is a tablerunner I made from the wall hanging leftovers. The pinwheel in the upper right turned out wonky and...being Miss Perfectionist...I couldn't put it in my wall hanging. That led to sewing up the tablerunner. I machine quilted it myself. That was a new experience that I hope to continue in the future for small projects.

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